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According to research information the fell Lapland area has the purest waters and air in all of Europe. It has a large natural fish stock and the landscape is rugged yet beautiful fell region.

In the summer the marked tracks in the fells and forests of the National Park are open to hikers. During your hike you can even take a refreshing dip in a cool fell lake.

In the winter the glowing white snowdrifts and ski paths invite you to ski far into the blue twilight. Swimming in a hole in the ice is an exceptionally exotic experience in winter for those with courage.

For down-hill skiers there are several ski centres close to Pallas-Tuvat. The wildlife of the National Park is abundant and also features a wide variety of bird species.

In the middle of all this is Pallas-Tuvat. Fully equipped, spacious cottages, where even the most demanding traveller returns to relax, like a migrating bird, time after time.